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The perfect product is just waiting for you! We run monthly auctions with a variety of goods such as consumer products, luxury products, latest tech products as well as household products.

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Online Auctions provide a wide variety of great deals


Take assurance in knowing that all auction items are of high quality


Experience the thrill of winning from the comfort of your own home

Are you new to online auctions?

No worries! We have over 10 years of experiece running auctions across UK

Our vast knowledge in trading has allowed us to bring an online auction experience for our customers, allowing them to pick up great deals on items with low reserves.

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Take a look to the lots of each auction. The perfect product is just waiting for you!


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We will send you an email when the auction start and you will have a few weeks to place a bid


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Place a bid on the items you want. There will be more poeple bidding, so make sure you make a good offer to win the lot.


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Once you win a lot and we rrecieve the full payment we will arrange the delivery of your items.

Our registered bidders keeps growing and our auctions are only getting better.


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Are you interested on selling in our Website?

No worries! We have over 10 years of experiece running auctions across UK

Entering your items into one of our online auctions is simple. Just send us an email to info@bestbidauctions.co.uk with the manifest of stock you are looking to auction. Don’t forget to include a description, quantity and pictures on the manifest. A member of the Best Bid Auctions team will contact you in the following days.

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